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Customized warehousing and distribution solutions improve inventory management, reduce operating costs and speed order cycle times.

Enjoy our network of nationwide drop stations that allow you to deliver your cargo to us no matter where you are. Our network of qualified warehouse agents is there to serve you and make your shipping experience hassle-free.
Benefit from the wide array of services that we offer.

  • Packing
  • Container stuffing/un-stuffing
  • Re-packing 
  • Labeling
  • Storage
  • Distribution
Our handling facilities are Customs bonded, which allows us to move your shipment and containers into our warehouses for unsealing and breakdown
  - We offer to our clients a suitable solution for storage of their products.
  - Distribution services are also available to our clients who like to concentrate themselves only on the marketing of their products Bonded Warehouse entries allow articles that are subject to excessive duty or taxes - except perishables and explosive substancesother than firecrackers - to be entered into a Customs bonded warehouse and then withdrawn for consumption at a later time. When the articles are withdrawn, the importer will pay the duties, taxes, and fees at the rate in effect at the time of withdrawal.  Merchandise can remain in a bonded warehouse for up to five years after the date of importation Some of the benefits of warehouse entries and the subsequent withdrawals are:

  • The importer does not pay any duty until the merchandise is withdrawn for consumption.
    This allows the importer to have control and use of its money until the duty is paid at the time of withdrawal. 
  • If the importer is unable to find a domestic buyer for the merchandise, or should the domestic buyer cancel its order, the importer is be able to sell the merchandise to a foreign buyer and re-export the merchandise overseas.  This would cancel any obligation to pay duty in the U.S. 
  • Many items subject to quota or other restrictions may be stored in a bonded warehouse for up to five years from the date of importation. This will allow the importer to wait until the quota reopens, or the restriction/issue at hand is resolved.  
  • Importers have the freedom to manipulate articles in bonded warehouses under Customs supervision. Duties owed on articles that have been manipulated are determined at the time of withdrawal from the Customs bonded warehouse
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